Master of Ceremonies / Compère

Need an announcer or a narrator for your event? Someone to hold the day together?  In a less formal capacity than Toastmaster, I am an experienced Master of Ceremonies and Compère, who has been presenting concerts, charity events and galas for over 25 years.scan0006

Whatever your event, I can compère it with professionalism, style and humour. I will make whatever announcements you wish, attract the attention of your audience, introduce your entertainers, draw your raffle, run your auction etc etc…

I am available to MC/compère for

  • Concerts
  • Shows
  • Charity Events
  • Awards CeremoniesDickensian carol-singing
  • Fêtes and fairs
  • Gala evenings
  • Burns Nights
  • Old-Time Music Hall
  • Festivals

…Or any type of event you wish!

When acting as a compère rather than a Toastmaster,  I am able to adapt my clothing to suit the style of your event – whether you require the formal Toastmaster Livery,  a Tuxedo, a Lounge Suit, Casual  or Themed Clothing…I am happy to dress according to  your requirements.

Contact me on: or call 07754 359339


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